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BarcodeDocumentProcessor Runtime License Pricing
1-4 RuntimesLinear $1150.00 each
PDF417 $1955.00 each
5-9 RuntimesLinear $950.00 each
PDF417 $1565.00 each
10-24 RuntimesLinear $750.00 each
PDF417 $1252.00 each
25+ Runtimescontact us

BarcodeDocumentProcessor Server License Pricing
1-3 ServersLinear $3950.00 each
PDF417 $4980.00 each
4-6 ServersLinear $3160.00 each
PDF417 $3980.00 each
7+ Serverscontact us

* Linear - Linear barcodes (Code 39, Interleaved, Code 128, EAN, UPC, etc.)

Please contact us for Linear+PDF417 combinations.


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