SDK Error Codes

Error Codes

  0        OK                   No error
  1        ERROR                Unknown error
  2        INVALIDPARAMS        Invalid parameter
  3        INVALIDPGM           Invalid PGM file

  1001     NOSTARTSTOP          Start/stop not found
  1002     FAILSTRUCTURE        Wrong symbol structure
  1003     CANTDECODECHAR       Cannot decode char
  1004     CHECKDIGITFAIL       Wrong check digit
  1005     FAILLEFTGUARD        Failure left guard
  1006     FAILRIGHTGUARD       Failure right guard
  1007     FAILCENTERGUARD      Failure center guard
  1008     WRONGDIRECTION       wrong direction
  1009     UPCECANTCONVERT      Cannot convert UPCE to UPCA
  1010     STRIP_DIFF           Barcode decoded but to much bars outside
  1011     FAIL_LENGTH          Failure length

  2001     ECCERR               To much ECC errors
  2002     OUTLINEERR           Cannot outline DataMatrix region
  2003     WRONG_CW             Data contains wrong codewords
  2004     NO_L                 L-pattern not found

  3001     ECCERR               To much ECC errors
  3002     ERASES               To much erases
  3003     FAILURESTRUCTURE     Wrong PDF417 structure
  3004     WRONG_CW             Data contains wrong codewords