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OnLine Reader DataSymbol Decoder Service
  • is a deferred processing service.
  • It is as fast as OnLine Barcode Reader, but its operation is based on slightly different principles.
  • Just like OnLine Barcode Reader, accepts requests whose MIME type is multipart/form-data, but it doesn’t start decoding the barcode image immediately. Instead, it adds the image file to the processing queue. (In most cases, there will be no other files in the queue, because processes them very quickly.) Once the file is processed, it will be deleted from the server, and the decoded barcodes will be written to the database; after that, you can request them anytime. Please note that they will be stored in the database for 3 days and then automatically deleted. When requesting any data, you can also specify that it must be deleted as soon as the server sends it to you.
  • is as good as OnLine Barcode Reader. Moreover, it has a control panel and a simple, yet powerful API. Your application doesn’t need to wait for the decoding process to complete, which may be helpful when large or multi-page files are being processed. It can send any number of files at once to for processing, and request the result later.